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image1Note: this is an ongoing VIDEO Journal | Blog on the "corrupt" side of our government.  There are a LOT of images and links that link to very good  "Full Length" informative videos.  The videos are intriguing, fascinating and help put everything in to perspective.   Please keep checking back for new videos along with  added text, articles, and additional resources.  Here is a sample of the of the video quality.

homeI love this video. If you don't watch any other video please watch this one. It is so beautiful and so well made. It is the video | movie that got me started on this quest.
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Note: To watch the FULL movie you have to watch it at YouTube [1:33:18].

This web site I guess, is the end point for all the rest of my sites.   A group of conspirators can create secret societies and plan all they want, but without the power and willing subjects you can't accomplish to much.   Now, with most of the "real" wealth out of the hands of the middle class, and everyone is too distracted to focus on the "real" truths, we are being lead down the path of boom-bust-bubbles until there is no-one left to fight back.   How else can the banks be collapsing 2 years ago and now they are making record profits? Because there are fewer of them (honest ones), and the corrupt ones are right back at their old tricks. Do you know they want the laws changed so they can sell their derivatives to third world countries? Do you know the economist no longer use trillions to measure how much destructive derivatives are out there, but quadrillions!  Did you know a stack of $100.00 bills worth a trillion dollars would be 62 miles high!  Did you know our FULL national debt is roughly 70 trillion dollars, which is over the GDP for the WHOLE world!  Did you know we didn't really have a standing army before WWII, that it is a relatively new phenomena in the last 50 years.  Do you know that the top 1% have more wealth than the bottom 90% which includes the rest of us.  Did you know the very wealthy make money on wars that deplete the rest of us!  Did you know we spend more money on our military then the next 10 highest countries combined!  Did you know the 2.3 trillion dollars Donald Rumsfeld said the Pentagon lost, in his speech on September 10, 2001, the accounting records were vaporized by the plane that hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001!  Do you know we are spending obscene amounts of money on weapon systems that can never be used in the "war on terror"!  Did you know that a lot of the SEC records against WorldCom, EndRun, etc were lost when WTC building 7 collapse on September 11, 2001!  Do you realize your kids will be dealing with all this debt for the rest of their lives!

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Industrial Military Complex | Corporatocracy | Government

Now onto President Eisenhower's famous speech at the end of his presidency.

eisenhower eisenhower-obama
Eisenhower Farewell Address -- Military Industrial Complex [1:33] Military-Industrial Complex from Eisenhower to Obama [15:56]

Does the Government have Our Best Interest at Heart??

I like William K. Black, who was the Financial Regulator against the S&L debacle, because he tells it like it is.

Bill Black: House Finance Committee hearing on Lehman Bros (04/22/10) [8:00]
Bill Black: Economic Collapse Part 1 [10:00], Part 2 [10:00], Part 3 [10:00], Part 4 [10:00], Part 5 [10:00]

I thought I would temporarily put The Carlisle Group here so you can see how our politician are using the government's revolving door policy to make obscene amounts of money.  Do you know how Vice-President Dick Cheney got to be Vice-President under President Bush? He picked himself!  Bush was just a patsy (most of the time)!

The Iron Triangle - The Carlisle Group [46:43]

CRASH COURSE by Chris Martenson...

Very Good Overview of the mechanics involved in our current crisis... domestic and world wide. If everything changed at a snails pace we could take our time preparing for future crisis. But, what Chris Martenson is trying to educate us to is exponential growth (the "hockey stick" phenomena) and how it can throw a monkey wrench into our plans.
chris-martenson Crash Course 1 [l=5:15]
Crash Course 2 [l=9:08]
Crash Course 3 [l=6:28]
Crash Course 4 [l=9:29]
Crash Course 5 [l=4:07]
Crash Course 6 [l=9:21]
Peak Oil [l=17:53]

I thought I would temporarily put the Pentagon Papers here so you can see the quality of images as well as the information you can gleam from these videos.

Woody Harrelson discusses "The Most Dangerous Man in America" [4:17]
The Most Dangerous Man In America, Part 1 [43:25], Part 2 [43:25]

I thought I would temporarily put the reason why we went to war in Iraq... it wasn't because of WMDs, or oil, but PetroCurrency.

Ron Paul: The PetroDollar - Part 1 [9:15], Part 2 [9:15], Part 3 [9:15], Part 4 [8:26]

I guess I'm a little naive when it comes to politics and the workings of a honest government.  I always thought that the majority of politicians who sought political careers were in it to help ALL their constituents.  But sadly, I think most politicians are in it for the money.

I heard a quote once, to paraphrase the quote: "The reason why God gave the rich money, was to help the poor who can't help themselves".

I take this to mean, that the old should be made to feel comfortable, the sick to get the medicines they need, the poor the water and food they deserve, and everyone else to have a happy sustainable life style.

Everyone deserves a shelter, fresh clean water and three nutritious meals a day.  Our knowledge and technology should be used to create a beautiful sustainable world for everyone, not a privatized world for a few rich elites.

What I see, even from some charities, is greed and profiteering at the expense of everyone else.  Why else do our banks need to create factitious instrument of wealth (derivatives), and our corporations and governments need to pay their CEOs and elected officials such obscene bonuses and bribes. 

Case in point, Tiger Woods get more money to endorse Nike shoes, then all the workers who make them.  Why not double the wages of the workers to $2.00 a day, and give Tiger Woods and some of the top executives at Nike a few less millions in bonuses!

Notice: I noticed that some of the videos don't necessarily start up right away, or sometimes the longer videos  can jump back to the beginning. If this happens to you just click on the progress bar a little further along, or where you want to (re)start up from, and hit the play button again.

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Thanks for your understanding.

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